What Do You Need to Know About Knitting Needles?

If you are going to become a knitter then you need to learn about the tools of the trade. Among these are the knitting needles.

Years back these used to be called knitting pins. The knitting needles have the task of holding the stitched being created onto the needle so they can be further worked. Then they are also used for knitting out the stitches that are making up the garment being made. The long body of the needles is where the stitches are collected, and the point is what is used to develop new stitches. In order to prevent the stitches from falling off the needles, there is a small cap on the ends of them.

One of the first things that everyone learns when they start knitting is that knitting patterns will call for certain sized knitting needles. The size refers to the diameter of the needle, then also refers to the needle length. It is the diameter of the needles that determine what size the garment will be when it is finished.

There are different versions of these tools, such as single point, double point and circular. For the beginner, they find that the single point is the easiest to work with. However, some knitting patterns will require the need for some of the other versions.

These needles used for knitting can be comprised of different types of materials. Some are made from wood while others are metal. Which type is used often comes down to personal preference. Some find that their hands perspire when they are knitting and feel that this happens less when they use the wood needles. Others feel that the wood version are too heavy and their hands tire.

Once you become a knitter you are going to want a collection of these tools on hand as you will need many different sizes.

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