Tips on Origami Paper

The first thing you are going to discover when you enter into the hobby of Origami is that you are going to need to use different types of paper. One of the good things about this is that you can use a lot of different types as long as what you choose is one that you can fold and that it will hold that fold.

When you are making your purchase of Origami paper keep in mind that you will need different sizes for the different projects that you will want to do. Nowadays there are a lot more selections when it comes to colours. Plus, you can get textured paper which really creates some interesting effects.

One thing that is important along with the size of the paper is the weight of it. Different weights will give different effects plus different levels of difficulty when working with some of the techniques when using origami paper.

You can use normal copying paper for some projects but if you are going to be using a wet fold technique then you will want to go with heavier paper. This allows you the chance to work more with rounded areas that will be easier to sculpt. Then once it’s dry it will take on its original sturdiness.

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Another type of paper is that which has a foil backing and sometimes you will have to make a version of this as it may not be available on the market.

If you are going to be totally authentic with your origami projects then you will want to use the traditional Japanese paper which is called Washi. This is a much tougher type of paper but works extremely well with the techniques that are used for this craft.

There are also many different types of special paper that you can use as a form of origami paper.

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